Rick Bell

Columnist, Calgary Sun

Rick Bell is the Page Five columnist at the Calgary Sun. He delights in tormenting municipal and provincial politicians who take power for granted and take taxpayers for a ride.

Jeromy Farkas

Ward 11 Councillor, City of Calgary

One of the youngest councillors ever elected on Calgary City Council, Jeromy is working hard to bring a common sense, fiscally responsible approach to City Hall.

Tom Kmiec

Member of Parliament, Calgary Shepherd

Former manager of policy and research at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Tom has been the Member of Parliament for Calgary Shephers since 2015.

Trevor Tombe

Associate Professor, University of Calgary

An economics PhD from the University of Toronto, Trevor now works as an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary’s Department of Economics.

Zoe Addington

Director of Policy, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

A former Deputy Chief of Staff for the Premier of Alberta, Zoe now works at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, defending Calgary-based job-creators.

Amber Ruddy

Alberta Director of Provincial Affairs, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

A University of Western Ontario graduate, Amber Ruddy works closely with small business owners across Alberta.

Nigel Hannaford

President, Hannaford and Associates

Former Manager of Speechwriting for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Nigel Hannaford runs a communications consultancy firm, Hannaford and Associates.

Colin Craig

Alberta Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Colin has an MBA and BA (economics) from the University of Manitoba and has helped shape public policy decisions at the federal, provincial and municipal level.

Blake Leew

Project Manager, Construction industry

A Calgary native and Queen's University engineering graduate, Blake is a Project Manager at a high-rise project in Calgary, where a union tried to trick workers thanks to the NDP's new labour laws.

David Clement

North American Affairs Manager, Consumer Choice Center

A well-known small-government advocate, David Clement advocates for consumer choice across North America.

John Carpay

President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

A well-known figure in the free speech movement, John defends Canadians of all ages who take great risk by resisting unjust demands from intolerant government authorities.

Peter Pilarski

President, Cannabiz Social

A University of Calgary graduate, Peter runs two communications companies, Cannabiz Social and CIPR Communications.

Renaud Brossard

Executive Director, Generation Screwed

Involved with GS since 2014, Renaud has worked his way to the role of Generation Screwed Executive Director.